Hey Guys! I turned 22 this past Monday and literally had the best weekend ever! I got to see some of my favourite people and do my favourite things!  My cousin Emily came to visit for the entire weekend from Ottawa,  Canada. We went to Lauderée at Yorkdale Mall, the Christian Dior exhibit at the … Continue reading MY 22ND BIRTHDAY


A Life Update: Where Have I Been?

Guys. It's literally been forever, like how are we doing? I don't even know what happened to the time but I'm back! I can't even believe we're in March of 2017... it feels like the year just started. Over the past few months I have been super busy with school and life itself; who knew … Continue reading A Life Update: Where Have I Been?

My Roaring 20’s

Oh God... I am officially 20 years old. It's funny how birthdays work really, it's like you start off so excited, so ready. I still remember being at an age where kids around me would say proudly, "I'm not 8, I'm 8 and a half". Because the half really mattered. And I guess like all … Continue reading My Roaring 20’s