It’s Dior Darling

On Friday November 24th 2017 I was lucky enough to attend the ROM's (Royal Ontario Museum) Friday Night Live Event to introduce their brand new Christian Dior exhibit that opened on November 25th.   There was a huge crowd and everyone looked absolutely fabulous! We got to see the exhibit a day early, and it was … Continue reading It’s Dior Darling


A Life Update: Where Have I Been?

Guys. It's literally been forever, like how are we doing? I don't even know what happened to the time but I'm back! I can't even believe we're in March of 2017... it feels like the year just started. Over the past few months I have been super busy with school and life itself; who knew … Continue reading A Life Update: Where Have I Been?

Hello Summer: San Francisco

So its been awhile,  and I'm sorry about that! Exam season definitely kicked my butt this semester, and I knew I couldn't write anything worth reading under that pressure.  At this  time I am super excited to say that I am officially on summer break from school (even though the weather is still quite cold … Continue reading Hello Summer: San Francisco