Back to School: Backpack Essentials

Hey Guys! I have such a love-hate relationship with back to school season. On one hand I'm super excited for pumpkin spice season (because I'm one of those girls), and on the other hand I know that there is an endless mountain of stress that is going to burry me alive. No joke. I'm about … Continue reading Back to School: Backpack Essentials


Happy Chanel-O-Ween!

Tis the season for a Halloween blog post! I don't know about you but since season one of Scream Queens came to Netflix I have been literally obsessed. I love the Chanel's fashion, the storyline, and the humour of the show. It's literally filled with stuff that you would (hopefully) never hear people actually say … Continue reading Happy Chanel-O-Ween!

My Top 10 Youtubers

Okay. So if you know me well, you'll know I'm literally obsessed with youtube. I'm obsessed with beauty gurus, music channels, and more- I could spend hours literally watching video after video. This is why I've decided to make a list of my top 10 youtubers. This is of course not in order- it … Continue reading My Top 10 Youtubers

To The Next Person Who Dates My Best Friend(s)

Over the past few months a lot has changed between both myself and my friends. For the first time, there was a week where all of us had a person that we all had feelings for and let me just say things got super overwhelming! There was even a day where one of my best … Continue reading To The Next Person Who Dates My Best Friend(s)

Hello Summer: San Francisco

So its been awhile, Β and I'm sorry about that! Exam season definitely kicked my butt this semester, and I knew I couldn't write anything worth reading under that pressure. Β At this Β time I am super excited to say that I am officially on summer break from school (even though the weather is still quite cold … Continue reading Hello Summer: San Francisco

Spring Inspiration

Happy 1st Day of Spring Everyone! I am actually so excited for it to not be winter anymore, like it's about time (lol get it??). I absolutely hate cold weather and I'm super jealous of anyone who lives somewhere that's warm all year round. Warm weather is my favourite. With this in mind, yay it's … Continue reading Spring Inspiration

A “Sweet” Little Treasure

This one's for my locals. This here is a lil' something new that I'm trying to get into. Essentially, I want to adventure more and get out of my comfort zone. I've lived near or in Toronto for my whole life and I still feel like there is so much to see! I am such … Continue reading A “Sweet” Little Treasure