What Happened When I Deleted Social Media for 2 Months

I know what you’re thinking and yes I deleted everything. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat – all the fun stuff. No I do not use Twitter lol.  I didn’t delete the accounts but I did delete them from my phone and I gotta say, my home screen looked pretty naked. 

Why Did I Do It?
Honestly I just needed a break. I don’t know how else to say it. I love social media, I absolutely love it. Absolutely every young person I know has some form of social media, its very much a large part of growing up today. I love the creativity behind it, especially with Instagram. Follow me if you don’t already :*

That being said, it just became too much. I hated how much time I used to spend checking my phone. I was grumpy all the time (ask my friends they’ll tell you the truth lol). Instagram was making me hate my life. I could hardly careless about Facebook but it was still quite annoying.

What Happened When I Deleted it All?
The first thing I noticed was ALL the crap I got done. The amount of time I spend on my phone is actually embarrassing and I was able to do so much better in my classes and get a lot more things done. I was able to walk down the street without checking my phone for something. I was so much more confident because I cared less about what people thought of me. I read so much more. I started bullet journalling. It was so much better than I ever thought it’d be. I literally felt lighter.

My social media cleanse was totally and wholeheartedly not forever. I love that world too much to leave it forever I’m not 45 yet. I still don’t have Facebook on my phone and I don’t know if I ever will again but for now I love Instagram for the creative inspiration that it gives me. I like to see what people are doing or even just looking up random places in the world to see what it looks like there.

cherry blossoms.jpg

Have you ever deleted social media? Why did you do it? Did you ever re-download it again? This was such a growing experience for me and I’m super excited to have it again because I love being creative. I just needed a lil break. Summer is coming up and I’m super excited to put out more posts! Stay tuned.

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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One thought on “What Happened When I Deleted Social Media for 2 Months

  1. Sometimes it’s a good thing to just back off from the whole social media thing and who cares whether your followers unfollow, they probably weren’t friends with you anyways & there will always be new ones to come along. Nice. 👍👍

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