Last Minute Gifting Inspiration

Alrighty I know at least one of you has not finished your Christmas shopping and you know what? It’s totally fine. I got it. I love gifting! I love seeing peoples faces when they open up a present in front of me. You can get so creative with it, even if its last minute.

My best advice is to go with a theme. Movie Night. Spa Night. Picture Perfect. Makeup. Game Night. Literally pick anything and add the word night and I’m sure it’ll work. And with these themes, make yourself a little gift checklist of all the things you can get last minute that fall within the theme. For a Picture Perfect themed gift, grab yourself a Polaroid Camera and some film and maybe a cute case and you have yourself a fab last minute gift. If you pick a game night type of gift for a couple or a family, get yourself to a Toys R Us or somewhere that sells board games/video games and buy one or two at most that you like. Then you throw game night snacks like chips, candy, or both and voila! You’ve got yourself a game night gift! Theme gifts are great because they allow you to personalize and be creative based on who you’re giving the gift to!

For the smaller gifts that are still quite special  you can go for books, hand creams, chocolate/candy, and mittens (depending on where you live! I always love receiving mittens for Christmas!). Gift cards usually work here if all fails and you really don’t know the person but need to get them something. Starbuck’s, the movies, and Sephora gift cards are all things I’d love to be gifted!

And finally the warm seasonal gifts are always lovely. Snow globes, Christmas pyjamas, and ornaments make great gifts and they often get used or admired for years. My aunt gave me a porcelain Christmas tree when I was 10 years old with a pendant in it of an angel and I always take it out every year and put it on my night table. These gifts are just as warm and meaningful as the bigger ones.

I hope this helps at least one person! Are you all done your holiday shopping??

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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