Holiday Baking with Pinterest

If you know me well, you know I love Pinterest. I love how resourceful it is, you can find everything on there! I found a couple of holiday recipes or decoration ideas for baking and I just had to try them out! I invited my lovely friend Serena over and we baked all day and watched Christmas movies! Here are the results!

The first thing we made were the Christmas Tree Brownies! They looked delicious and the Christmas tree design was adorable! Everyone who tried this said they tasted amazing! I am currently unable to eat chocolate so I had to trust everyone else’s opinion. I took inspiration off of this recipe that I found on Pinterest to decorate them! They turned out super cute and festive!

cookies 3.jpg

Next we made M&M Sugar Cookie Bars! Once again I am unable to eat these because of the chocolate, but everyone who tasted them said they were amazing! I’m so happy with the way these turned out! They looked super festive and the bars were very easy to cut and decorate. Here is a recipe that is similar to what we made!

cookies 1.jpg

Finally, for Serena’s choice, we made Melting Snowman Cookies! These were so cute but they definitely took the longest to make! We had to bake the cookies and let them cool before watering down the white frosting to make the melty part of the snowman. These definitely turned out the most festive and cute! The best part is that I can eat these because there aren’t any chocolate in it! They were delicious!! This is a similar recipe!

cookies 2.jpg

I love love love Pinterest!! There are so many great recipes that I’m dying to try out! I am obsessed with Pinterest and I literally have thousands of pins saved! These recipes were super fun to make and we had lots of fun decorating them! What are you baking this holiday season?

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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