5 Christmas Gifts He’ll Love

I’ve literally googled this and everything that comes up is the gift for the ‘manliest of men’, the ‘guy who’s into building things’, the ‘guy who works out’, the ‘guy who likes sports’. Why is every gift reinforcing the fact that they’re guys??? I’m starting to realize that this is why gifting for men seems like the most difficult task when in reality its probably not at all! Forget gender. Guys are guys, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want the same things that women do right? I’m sure there are guys who would love another tie, or a hammer, or a basketball but we as humans all love to feel warm, full, and clean right? Thus, here lies 5 gifts for all guys:

1.Food: Now I don’t mean a gift card to the grocery store. I mean Christmas cookies/baked goods, or his favourite chocolate or candy. Who doesn’t like food? This is kind of fool proof regardless of if you bake him something or buy it. I’m sure he’ll love it.

2.Experiences/Things You Can Do Together: There are quite a few options with this as well. You could get tickets to a concert, game, exhibit, or maybe even a trip. These kinds of gifts are special because they’re for the two of you to experience together. It helps if you pick something you like too, that way you’re both super excited to be there.

3.Clothes: Now I’d only recommend this if you know this guy well enough to know what kind of clothes he’d actually wear, otherwise its kind of a waste. At this time of year sweaters are a good option, or pyjamas. You could also get hats, scarves, or mittens if you live somewhere cold.

4.Bath and Grooming: Everyone likes to pamper themselves and feel clean right? Sometimes body wash or cream is the way to go. I always like being gifted this kind of thing so I don’t have to buy it myself. Lush and Bath and Body Works would be my go to for these gifts though there is the option of checking at Sephora.

5.Things for his Home: This covers a lot of ground and all really depends on what he likes. This could be anything from records or a coffee machine, to candles and throw blankets. Yes guys like candles too. The point is that this gift would be something he’d use often in his home.

And there we have it, 5 gift ideas for him that he’ll actually love! I hope this helps at least one person!

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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