Be Mindful This Christmas

Hey guys so this post is going to be a little bit different from the usual beauty and fashion posts here on my blog. I am all for Christmas. In fact, one may even call me obsessed. I’m the person to listen to Christmas music in July because I miss and love this time of year. But with my love for Christmas also comes my mindfulness towards this time of year. As magical as it is I always try to remember the realities as well. And this Christmas, like any other, I want to be mindful.

I’m just going to say it; the parts that we try to ignore or push to the backs of our minds. Some people don’t get the big turkey dinner, or the presents, or even the tree. Some people have to spend the holidays alone by choice or not. Some people just don’t celebrate Christmas. The holidays can be so very lonely for some people and the holidays can also just be really hard. As Ellen would say, be kind to one another– especially now.  It is so easy to get swept up in the glamour of the holidays but we can’t forget these things. I think in acknowledging these realities, we become more grounded and this teaches us how to be thankful too.

For me, this time of year often brings back memories. The type of memories that can be both easy and hard to remember. At this time of year I always remember the people that I no longer talk to anymore; the friends who aren’t really friends anymore. Whether we’ve drifted apart or if our friendship had to end I feel like Christmas brings back the the whisper of what was. I also remember the people who aren’t here anymore and the things they might have done to give me good Christmases in the past. These are memories of people that I’m thankful for even if they’re not around anymore because in that moment they were part of a greater lesson.

 I hope you know that I’m still super excited for Christmas and I hope this wasn’t very depressing to read. I guess the message behind this post is to remember the greater meaning behind the holidays and the stop to count your blessings. As well as being mindful of what other people might be going through around you during the holiday season. We are truly very blessed. What are you thankful for? What does this time of year mean to you?

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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