10 Things to do This Holiday Season

It’s freaking cold outside. At least it is where I live… Toronto weather is slowly killing me. Most days I just want to stay inside under blankets and watch Netflix alone but this time of year only comes around once right? Here are 10 things I’d actually leave my bed for this holiday season:

1.Holiday Movie Screenings: Most cities have at least one traditional holiday movie screening throughout the month of December. You can expect your classics like Home Alone, The Polar Express and Elf to all make their way to a big screen this holiday season and although its still a movie you’re at least getting out of the house right? Movie theatre popcorn wins at everything.

2.Volunteer at a Shelter or Soup Kitchen: The holidays are not always glamorous for all and it is so so important to acknowledge this and to give back when you can. I used to volunteer in high school at a shelter during the holiday season with some of my classmates and it was the best feeling in the world. Service work really grounds you especially at this time of year.

3.Try Out a Bunch of Recipes You’ve Always Wanted to Try: The holiday weight will come no matter what you eat, at least you’ll get to try out some foods that you haven’t gotten around to trying. I have a million things on Pinterest that I’ve been dying to try. Do this alone or with friends, family, your kids, or your boyfriend/girlfriend!

4.Go Ice Skating: I’m going to be honest- I can’t skate. Like at all. But I wish I could and I think it would be a super fun activity during the holidays to do even if you don’t know how to. There are lots of indoor and outdoor rinks throughout my city, I’m sure if thats an option where you live it would be a lot of fun!

5.Kiss Someone Under the Mistletoe: I mean hey, if you have this option go for it. Hell, take cute photos under the mistletoe while you’re at it. If you have someone special this holiday season, make them feel special! Show them off!

6.Go to a Christmas Fair or Market: In Toronto we have the Christmas Market in the Distillery District which is always special during the holidays but I’m sure there are other fairs and markets nearby too wherever you’re from!

7.Decorate Something: Be it a tree or your bedroom. One of the best parts of the holiday season for me, is the decorating and the festive-ness that is added to everyday things! I love seeing the decorations at the mall and twinkly lights are my favourite. Even just adding a touch of decor to your room will give you lots of holiday vibes.

8.Have a Movie Day: Don’t get out of your pyjamas. Stay home and watch your favourite holiday movies! Some of my favourites include The Polar Express, The Holiday, and Love Actually. I would love a day of staying in and watching the snow fall while Christmas movies are on my TV.

9.Go See Christmas Lights: During the holidays my family and I like the get all bundled up with hot drinks and drive around our town to look at the houses all lit up for Christmas.

10.Go to a Show: It’s the perfect time of year to see a play or musical as an added treat to the holidays. I recently got to see The Nutcracker at the National Ballet of Canada and it was incredible. If you’re from the city I definitely recommend this for the holiday season.

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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