It’s Dior Darling

On Friday November 24th 2017 I was lucky enough to attend the ROM’s (Royal Ontario Museum) Friday Night Live Event to introduce their brand new Christian Dior exhibit that opened on November 25th.   There was a huge crowd and everyone looked absolutely fabulous! We got to see the exhibit a day early, and it was honestly one of my favourite exhibits that I’ve seen to date!

dior  and me.jpg

After what felt like a million lineups we finally got to enter the exhibit it was incredible! The gowns were to die for and there was so much detail to the way the exhibit was presented. I was so impressed, I definitely want to go back to again.

dior dresses.jpg

Can we appreciate how perfect these dresses are?

dior dress.jpg

This dress was my favourite one in the exhibit. I absolutely love dresses like this and I would 100% be down to wear it- I wish I had something like this. A girl can dream!

dior me.jpg

I wore this dress from Topshop, my heels are from Le Chateau, my bag is Vince Camuto. I don’t remember where my tights are from but they’re pretty much just generic black tights.

This was probably one of my favourite days this year! I had such a good time and the Dior Exhibit is amazing! It is a must see if you live anywhere near Toronto, Ontario and you like fashion. If you check this out let met know what you think about it!

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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