Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween has come to be one of my favourite holidays. Dressing up and being something else for a day is incredibly fun and I’m very excited. If it seems like you’ve run out of time, here are some last minute costume ideas for you! 

Cat/Bunny/Other Animal: These costumes are the easiest because all you need are ears; the rest is all in the outfit that you pick! Here are some makeup tutorials on simple animal makeup:
Easy Cat Makeup
Easy Bunny Makeup

Belle from Beauty and the Beast: I loved the new live action movie and I definitely think that it would be a cute option for a Halloween costume. Here is a DIY Video for Belle inspired makeup and a costume!

Wonder Woman: Yet another movie that I loved this year. I bet this will be a super popular costume this year but here are some helpful links incase you want to put together a Wonder Woman costume!
Easy Wonder Woman Costume
Wonder Woman Makeup Tutorial

Paper Bag Princess: Obviously a really simple one. All you need is brown paper packaging OR a large paper bag from a hardware store and a tiara.

Here are a few other videos of last minute costume ideas:
LAURDIY’s Last Minute Costumes
Bethany Mota’s Last Minute Costumes
MissRemiAshten’s Last Minute BFF Costumes
Asypn Ovard’s Last Minute Duo Costumes

There are so many opportunities of costumes I’m sure you’re bound to find something! Be a character from your favourite TV show! I’m sure you’ll see at least one ‘Pregnant Kylie Jenner’ Halloween costume on your Instagram feed. And if all fails throw a white bed-sheet on your head and be a ghost.

Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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