5 Beauty Hacks: How to Beauty on a Budget

Alright guys. I love makeup and I love beauty, but I am a student and if there is a way to save money you can bet your ass I’m going to find it. This is my little guide on how to save money in the world of makeup as well as the struggle between drugstore vs high-end. 

I’m going to say that the base of makeup includes moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer. Now within this realm, I 100% think that you can get all of these at your drugstore but if you must splurge, splurge on the concealer. Or concealer and foundation. I’ve done my fair share of foundation hunting and I’ll always favour the high ends for the coverage and quality. That being said, high-end foundation is expensive and you shouldn’t waste your time and your money buying a million and one products to try.

The drugstore has some killer face lines and beauty, never underestimate these products just because they’re sold there. Brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Olay, and Aveeno are some of my favourites.

Hack #1: ASK FOR SAMPLES. I do this all the time!! Sephora will give you foundation samples among other things and if you’ve got sensitive skin like I do you can’t rush into a new foundation without testing it out.

Hack #2: RETURN THINGS. If you buy a makeup product and you don’t like it, or use it – return it!! Every beauty retailer has a different policy but for the most part as long as you have the receipt and packaging you should be okay! Here’s Sephora’s Return Policy.

For eyes I’m going to include eyebrow products, eyeshadow primer, eyeshadow palettes, mascara, eyeliner and false lashes/eyelash glue. Honestly, I get everyone of these products at the drugstore except eyeshadow palettes and eyebrow products. Most of my favourite eyeshadow palettes are all high end and I tend to find the pigment and quality of these to be better. And they last a lot longer!

Hack #3: Instead of eyeshadow primer, use concealer and set it with translucent powder.

These two are tricky, because you can find some great products at either the drugstore or the high-end stores. My best advice? Pick one to splurge on. Personally I splurge on highlighter and go to the drugstore for contour products.

Hack #4: Use a darker shade of concealer to contour. I use the LA Girl Pro Conceal in the shade Expresso and it gets the job done.

Hack #5: Use a shimmery eyeshadow as a highlighter.

Drugstore drugstore drugstore!! These are so easy to get ahold of at the drugstore and almost always such good quality!

Drugstore and high-end products are great when it comes to lip products. I have a lot of both so it really depends on your budget and what you like.

Alrighty Guys these are some of my favourite ways to save money in the makeup world. As obsessed as I am with beauty, I have to give myself limits or I wouldn’t have any money left. Really though. I hope this helped some of you out! If you have any other ways to save money with makeup let me know, I’m always looking for more ideas!

As Always Thanks for Reading!
Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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