I am so excited to review this and I feel like I’m a little late to the game but that’s only because I’ve been using this foundation for the past week in order to give you guys a super honest review of it. Funny story: my Sephora sold out of my shade of this foundation and I had to order it online, but in the meantime they gave me a sample to use and finally the bottle came in yesterday. This is my review of Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty Foundation.

Price: $42 CAD per 32 mL

I am obsessed with the box that this foundation came in, its so unique!! It comes with 32 mL of product in a frosted glass bottle that is absolutely beautiful, though it is quite heavy. Still not sure how I’m going to travel with this, (I could probably get a travel sized bottle and take a little with me.) I am the shade 330 which is described as a foundation “for tan skin with warm yellow undertones”.

Wear Test:

On the left is the photo without any makeup or anything (those eye circles tho) and the right is the final product of a full face of makeup. As I mentioned above, I have been testing this product out for the past week and I have been impressed with the results thus far. I noticed that the product lasted quite a while throughout the day though I did need to apply powder once if it was a longer wear day of about 8-10 hours. I do have combination skin so this is expected of my skin and totally not out of the ordinary. I also have somewhat sensitive skin and I was pretty impressed and surprised that it didn’t break me out. This product has a medium to full coverage when applying it with both a brush or a damp sponge, both results were flawless. I bet you could shear it out though, its pretty versatile.ย I felt as though this foundation looked like my skin but better which is something I’ve heard a lot of people say. It definitely lived up to my expectations.

-Flawless natural finish
-Good application
-Lower cost for a high end brand
-Glass bottle and pump
-Medium to full coverage

-I really can’t think of any yet

Verdict: 5/5

I am banning myself of buying new makeup at the moment because I do that way too often. Regardless, I am super happy that I purchased this product. Fenty Beauty has killed the game when it comes to releasing a new collection. This brand represents the future of the makeup industry and I’m very excited to see how other brands respond. I admire Rihanna’s dedication to an inclusive product line and the quality of the product itself. I 100% recommend this for anyone looking for a new foundation or for someone who’s had difficulties finding a shade match. If you’ve tried this out or anything else in the collection please let me know! I’m most curious about the Match Stix Shimmer Skinstick in the shade Rum!

As Always Thanks for Reading!
Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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15 thoughts on “*Honest* Review: FENTY BEAUTY FOUNDATION

  1. Lovely review,it’s nice to know it last for a long time.Women of colour were so excited about this Foundation and it’s hard too find a yellow based makeup Foundation.Its looks lovely on you.Its a bit out of my budget though.

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  2. I am very impressed with this foundation too! Rihanna did a good job with her beauty line. I tried the stick foundation at Sephora, which I thought provided more coverage than the foundation. It’s more moisturizing so I guess more suitable for dry skin. I didn’t end up buying the Fenty Foundation because it does make me feel dry at time. When I don’t look after my skin well, it will stick to my dry patches. Overall, it’s an excellent foundation no doubt! It’s great quality at an affordable price! Keep the good reviews coming, love your posts.

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