Evelyn Iona Green Tea Primer Review

This past weekend I went to the 2017 National Bridal Show in Toronto and it was so much fun! (I’m going to be a bridesmaid in my cousin’s wedding, I’m totally not getting married anytime soon lol). At the show I discovered this new awesome brand  called Evelyn Iona Beauty and they gave us all their new Green Tea Primer. The company is an expanding beauty group home to Toronto, Ontario, and like many of you know, I’m all about supporting my local businesses! 

Some Quick Facts About the Product:
-$29 USD for 20 mL
-Cruelty Free
-Paraben Free


The product itself is pretty watery at first but as you apply it to your skin it becomes tacky as it smooths any blemishes on the surface. It’s a white creamy consistency but it actually applies clear. I used a pea size amount and found that to be enough for my entire face. My foundation applied so nicely on top of this, it was like the perfect canvas and I’m pretty impressed! I can’t believe how great the quality is of this primer and I love that its locally made (for me). As of now they ship to Canada, the USA, and Australia. Here’s their website for more info and more products that I’m really excited to try out!

-Excellent Quality
-Smoothed blemishes and made pores appear smaller
-Vegan, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free
-makeup lasted all day
-skin felt hydrated

-It smells a little like something (I can’t tell what, maybe the green tea?) but its definitely not noticeable unless you’re holding up the bottle to your nose and inhaling it. This might not be such a con because actual scented makeup products usually break me out.

My final thoughts? 4.5/5. I think I’ve found a new favourite primer and I definitely feel like I’m going to be reaching for this a lot over the next few months as the weather changes. It felt pretty hydrating and this will be good for the cold Toronto weather that we all know is coming. If you’re from the city or are looking for a good new primer, definitely check this out!!

As Always Thanks for Reading!
Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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