Back to School: Backpack Essentials

Hey Guys! I have such a love-hate relationship with back to school season. On one hand I’m super excited for pumpkin spice season (because I’m one of those girls), and on the other hand I know that there is an endless mountain of stress that is going to burry me alive. No joke. I’m about to start my fourth year of university studying English and I guess you can say I’ve done a lot of back to school things in my time. This is a list of some of the essentials that I’ve always carried with my in my school bag since maybe grade nine. Hope you find it helpful!I like to keep all of this in a bag in my backpack or school bag. I got the little makeup bag thats at the bottom of the photo from Victoria’s Secret, but you can use anything from a makeup bag to a ziplock bag- it really doesn’t matter.

back to school

Starting at the bottom, first up theres feminine products. Thats a given. No one likes periods, they suck- but being prepared makes things a whole lot easier for you and your friends!

Emergency Stain Rescue – I actually got this at a museum gift shop in my city, but you could probably get this at your local pharmacy or online.

Band Aids! Really though, these are so important. What if you wear shoes that aren’t as comfy? Or that hot guy beside you gets a paper cut? Band aids! Band aids start relationships! Just kidding.

Cereal Bars – Being hungry at school is the worst, come prepared so if you forget to pack a lunch or don’t have time to buy food you’ve got something to eat!

This ones kind of random, but I like to carry a little pill case with Advil, women’s vitamins, and cranberry extract pills.

Hand Sanitizer – people are gross and flu season is coming up. I love Bath and Body Works products!! This one is Strawberry scented.

Earbuds – people are gross and annoying. Okay not all the time, but sometimes you just need your own space and music makes everything better.

I like to carry a little pot of hand cream because it gets really cold in Toronto and my hands get dry in the winter. I don’t remember if this hand cream is the original Aveeno lotion or the Victoria Secret body lotion in Shea.

Lip Products! I hate having dry lips and I always bring at least one lip colour with me. I can’t go anywhere without Burt’s Bees!

Bobby Pins and a Hair Elastic – Always good to be prepared.

Translucent Powder and Brush – I always like to fix my makeup during the day and these are staple items for me. These are by Elf Cosmetics and Eco Tools.

And as a little bonus I decided to throw in an umbrella. I don’t usually carry umbrellas around with me but after the rainiest summer in Toronto I thought that I might as well. Obviously this won’t fit in the makeup bag but it is an essential for me. I really hope you guys like this post! I only used drugstore products for it to make sure everything was affordable! What are some of your back to school essentials?


As Always Thanks for Reading!
Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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