DIY Fur Heels

I don’t even know why I’m making a post of this because it was seriously the easiest DIY fashion item I’ve ever done! Fur heeled stilettos are super cute and very on trend this year and I love them! I originally saw this look at Steve Madden for $100.00 CAD and I was obsessed! That same week I stumbled across dozens of DIY youtube videos on how to make these shoes and I decided that I had to do it! Here are a couple of DIY vids that I found or used for inspiration:
Christine Di’Amore – DIY FUR HEELS

I went on the hunt for some good quality black stilettos, that of course were less than $100 lol. I stumbled across these at Call it Spring for $26.99 CAD. They were comfy and they fit perfectly. I don’t usually wear heels, and in fact I suck at walking in them. That’s why I needed these to be easy to walk in.

DIY 2.jpg

The heel is on the small side but it works for me!

The only other thing I needed to buy was the fur or feathers to go at the end. I went looking all over the city and at last came to find this random textiles shop on Queen St West, though you can definitely buy feather boas at Michaels. The feathers I bought were $6 CAD. All I had to do was come home and glue gun the feathers in place at the base of the shoe and voila! Super cute and only $34 CAD!


This DIY is super simple but I couldn’t resist sharing it! I love how inexpensive and glam these are! I hope you try these out!

As Always Thanks for Reading!
Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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