June Favourites 2017

Hey Guys! It’s time for another favourites post!! I cannot believe its almost July, I don’t know where the time is going! Here are a couple of my favourite things that I’ve been using for the month of June:

june favs

Essence XXXL Shine Lip Gloss:
Lately I’ve been loving clear lipgloss especially with the nicer warmer weather. This product doesn’t make my lips peel or feel gross after a couple of hours which is always a bonus for me. It’s also not very sticky and I usually reapply it every 4-5 hours.
Cost: Less then $4 CAD

Mario Badescu Facial Spray:
Okay everyone and their mom has been raving about this spray so naturally I had to try it out! I am obsessed guys. Obsessed. I use this before I apply makeup primer or after my makeup is on. It’s also nice to spray on my face when I need to freshen up my makeup during the day, or if I want to take a look from day to night. LOVE IT!
Cost: $9 CAD

Stargaze Jewelry Arabella Choker:
I had’t really got into the choker trend until recently, though I did purchase this back in May. I love this choker and will be posting a full review of my experience shopping at Stargaze Jewelry soon!
Cost: $39.99 USD

Himalayan Salt Lamp:
This one’s kinda random but I had been looking into purchasing a himalayan salt lamp for the longest time and I’m so glad I got this one. I’ve heard that these lamps cleanse the air and release negatively charged ions which neutralize the positive ions emitted from electronic devises. Its also super pretty! I got mine from a store called House of Energy in Kensington Market, Toronto.
Cost: $30 CAD

Galway Girl – Ed Sheehan
Power – Little Mix

Well there we have it! Another month’s favourites! If you have any of these let me know in the comments. What are your favourites?

As Always, Thanks for Reading!
Take Care and Keep Smiling!

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14 thoughts on “June Favourites 2017

  1. I really want to try the Mario Badescu spray–I have heard so many good things, and I love using a spray in the summer, it’s so refreshing!


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