Spring Essentials

Spring EssentialsSo I am officially done my third year of university and I am so excited to finally have some much needed time for myself. I am beyond excited for warm weather as Spring and Summer officially kicks off in Toronto. Summers in this city are my favourite.

The image above encompass some of my favourite things for Spring; things that sparkle, pink, macarons, makeup, and Chanel. Just your basic Spring needs.

I think that the best thing about Springtime is the weather changing. There’s less and less cloudy days and more sunshine! With this comes pastel colours. I love pastels. Especially pastel pinks. My friend got me a Lauderée keychain for my birthday and I’m completely obsessed. It’s absolutely perfect for Spring. And let’s take a moment to take in how cute the box is that it came in. Keeping it forever.


On the same wave of pinks I have two, technically three pink makeup products that I want to talk about. First of all how satisfying is that Laura Mercier face illuminator? It looks like frosting on a cupcake. This is in the shade ‘Indiscretion‘ and it looks so nice and  glowy on the skin. The eyeshadow is a NYX Lid Lingerie is a liquid eyeshadow in the shade ‘Rose Pearl‘ and it is so so pretty and pink. It’s also super easy to apply and really pigmented. I like to wear this on its own most days but sometimes I’ll darken the crease with a darker brown or bronze eyeshadow. Finally a nice pop to any makeup look is big eye lashes. I love my Too Faced ‘Better Than Sex‘ mascara.


Then of course to finish off any Spring outfit a little spritz of perfume never hurt anyone. As always I go to my Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel. I’ve tried so many other scents but this one is by far my favourite. Finally I’ll always wear my ‘Timeless Elegance‘ Pandora Ring in rose gold.  As you can tell from this post I love pink…

Thank you again for reading! What are your Spring essentials?

Take Care and Keep Smiling ❤

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