New Beauty Finds!

Is it just me or do you love finding great new beauty products to make life easier? Over the past few months I’ve found some of my favourite products of 2017 and here they are!

New Beauty Finds.jpg

1. Hydrating Milky Serum – Pixie Cosmetics:
This product is so good if you live in a colder climate like I do! Toronto winters can be a little harsh in comparison to the rest of the world but this product has literally saved my life and my skin this past couple of months. I use it about twice a week before my moisturizer but after my cleanser and I’ve noticed brighter and more hydrated skin! I bought this product from Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto for $30 CAD, whereas in the United States you can find it at Target for $24 USD. I definitely love and recommend this the most out of all the products on this list!

2. Modern Renaissance – Anastasia Beverly Hills:
Okay so this product is one that has been raved about for months so I’m sure you know the drill. Excellent pigmentation, long lasting, doesn’t crease, etc etc. For all of my ladies with darker skin tones, this product is amazing. I absolutely hate when I buy eyeshadow and it doesn’t show up on my skin tone- this product is NOT like that! This product is $55 CAD and $42 USD.

3. Fit Me Matte + Powerless Foundation – Maybelline:
So this is another really raved product on the internet but I’m going to add it to this list anyways. I tried this out recently after putting off buying it for months and I’m actually pretty impressed; it lasted all day, didn’t transfer and didn’t make my face oily.  It also didn’t cause any unwanted breakouts. I got the shades Toffee Caramel and Cappuccino. This product reminds me of Too Faced Born This Way Foundation but its a lot cheaper! I feel like each store varies prices for this one so I’m gonna say its about $7-12 depending where you go both in the Canada and the USA.

4. Spice Lipliner – Mac Cosmetics
This product is something I’ve only recently bought but has been around forever. This is the perfect pinky nude for my skin tone, I’m obsessed! Mac lipliners have been know to be great, but this time I’m really impressed. It’s wearable with tons of shades of lipsticks but also on its own. This product goes for $21 CAD and $17.50 USD.

I love buying makeup and beauty products and testing them out. I hope this review helps at least one person! As always, thanks for reading!

Take Care and Keep Smiling!


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