A Life Update: Where Have I Been?


It’s literally been forever, like how are we doing? I don’t even know what happened to the time but I’m back! I can’t even believe we’re in March of 2017… it feels like the year just started.
Over the past few months I have been super busy with school and life itself; who knew adulting could be this busy!? The year kicked itself off and I was in Florida with my parents and best friend. Unfortunately the week was kind of dominated by this nasty flu that we all seemed to catch. That’s why there’s real no evidence of the trip; not the best way to kick of a year I must say.


I am still very much obsessed with makeup and beauty; more now than ever before! My favourite part of the day is literally putting my makeup on and getting ready- who’s with me? I can’t stop buying makeup products, its so bad. And I’m currently obsessed with the most girly fashion, I’ve literally rediscovered the colour pink. I’m all for anything and everything girly.

My 21st birthday was an epic part of 2017 and something that I’ll always remember. Myself, and 4 of my closest friends went to get our nails done at the really good spa Downtown Toronto called Her Majesty’s Pleasure and then we went for dinner at a restaurant called Hey Lucy. Both of these are located on King Street West downtown Toronto, and I’d definitely recommend either. Such a fun night!

And finally, just last week I went to an Ariana Grande concert. Obviously I knew she’d put on a show, like come on? But it was absolutely phenomenal. Her vocals were incredible and the lights and just everything about that night was amazing.

Ariana Grande Concert

In terms of school, yup here I am. Still in third year and buried in a pile of books that I should be reading right now but oh well.

Just want to give a big thanks to everyone who will read and continue to read my posts, you are all very loved and appreciated!

me in mirror Take Care and Keep Smiling ❤
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