Stupid Things We Do When We Like Someone

Where does the common sense go? This might be really relatable or you might just be sitting there wondering what’s wrong with me.

By now, I’ve realized in life that when we develop feelings for someone, we do some pretty stupid things. This post will encompass the stupid things we do before they’re even ours; the mere stages of a crush. You’ll do an abundance of other stupid things after you establish a relationship too.

Have you ever just got a person’s number that you’re interested in and suddenly you’re just looking for excuses to text them? Texting in general becomes this mess of crap. Don’t double text. Don’t accidentally text. The list goes on and on. We check our phones every 7 minutes just to see if anything new pops up. When that little ding! finally goes off and its your friend asking you for help on an essay you just about throw your phone at the wall. And then, you proceed to make up this story in your mind. “They’re probably cleaning, yeah that’s it. And then their Mum called so they’re talking to her. And then their phone died from talking to their Mum. That’s it, yeah.” 

We overthink everything when we like someone. It’s like all of a sudden we think we’re qualified to analyze everything they do or say when we’re not! We read into how quickly they respond to messages, what they say, how they dress. Everything becomes way too complicated very quickly.

We put them on the highest pedestal. It’s like they can do no wrong. And we defend them for the stupid things they do even though theres probably a little part of you that knows they’re being stupid.

The lies. I don’t mean horrific bad lies, like your age, or your name or anything major. I mean the little ones. Somehow whenever my friends and I are interested in someone, they never like the same music that we do. Or they try to show us a song they like and every single time we always end up saying how great the song is. In reality the song is already being laughed at in a group chat.


Our friends play an important role in how stupid we are when we like someone. Our friends are usually the ones who think of some ridiculous code name or nick name for the poor soul that we like. Common ones over the years have spanned anywhere from The Kid,     and Frosted Flakes, to Oak Tree. (Currently feeling super old not being able to remember any other ones.)

Our friends also do all the cyber stalking and suddenly we know they have an Aunt Emily and that they went to Iceland 3 years ago. Our friends have the power to determine if we even still like these people.

Honestly, ‘catching feelings’ or however you’d describe it is going to be complicated no matter what I say. You’re going to do marginally stupid things no matter what, but hey you’re not the only one. So go and like who you like. Tell them or don’t. Have fun making all the stupid mistakes just don’t forget to laugh at yourself.

Take Care and Keep Smiling ❤

Thank you so much for reading!
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