Okay so maybe I’m a little late to this party but holy moly am I excited to review these! I have been waiting months and months to get my hands on this product and I have quite a bit to say about them!

From Left to Right: LAX, Avenue, More Better, Tulle, Teeny Tiny, Bumble, and Are & Be.

I love liquid lipsticks and the matte lipstick craze that has become present this year. This style is so classy and sophisticated, yet more recently its become super casual. I heard about Colourpop a few months back from one of my friends Tanya, and after she realized how interested I am in makeup she made it her life’s mission to sell these to me. One day Tanya came over to study for an exam and somehow coincidently had six of her own matte lipsticks in her backpack. Before I knew it my arm was covered in Colourpop swatches and from that moment on I was sold!

While in California, I was able to get my hands on 7 Colourpop matte liquid lipsticks (see below for the actual shades) and boy oh boy do I have somethings to say about these! First of all, Colourpop is a cruelty-free brand manufactured in California, USA. (I love when cosmetic companies state that!) The company specifically started out in Los Ageles so I found it very fitting to purchase these while visiting.

colourpop swatches.jpg
From Top to Bottom: LAX, Avenue, More Better, Are & Be, Teeny Tiny, Tulle, Bumble


  • SO MUCH COLOUR- they don’t call it Colourpop for nothing
  • Long Lasting/Doesn’t Wear Off
  • Cute Ass Packaging
  • VERY Affordable- I literally paid $6 USD per lipstick
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Some of their products are vegan, for a list click here!
  • They don’t just sell matte lipsticks, they an array of eyeshadows, lip products, and eyeliners


  • I have very sensitive lips, and I’m allergic to most lip balms so lip products are always fun. When I removed Colourpop matte lipsticks my lips were usually a little swollen and red
  • You definitely need something oil-based to remove it, otherwise you’ll be scrubbing for a little while

Recently I’ve found a simple way to remove Colourpop from my lips with less pain and scrubbing! Some people use this method to remove all of their makeup from their face, but I just found this so give me time lol. An olive oil saturated cotton pad will remove Colourpop liquid lipstick in at least half the time that a makeup pad would. Then to follow up I use a makeup pad with just water to remove the excess oil, and apply some lip balm.

Now that I’ve found away to avoid these cons they almost disappear! These lipsticks are lovely and I am a big fan. You should definitely get your hands on some of these!

Take Care and Keep Smiling ❤




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