Hello Summer: San Francisco

So its been awhile,  and I’m sorry about that! Exam season definitely kicked my butt this semester, and I knew I couldn’t write anything worth reading under that pressure.  At this  time I am super excited to say that I am officially on summer break from school (even though the weather is still quite cold where I live).

In light of this, it is finally summer and I am currently in California.

S a n  F r a n c i s c o

bridge pt 2

There are an abundance of good things that I can say about this city. The history, culture, and people of San Francisco are absolutely beautiful, everything about this place is filled with colour! Though I’ve been to California, this is my first time visiting this city and I am in awe of everything.

me and the tiles.jpg

It’s funny how much life is all about perspective. Traveling is one of those things that literally takes your mind somewhere else; you’re able to see the things that once stressed you out from a different perspective. Maybe the hectic, stressful elements of life aren’t so large after all. This trip has been such a reminder of this! Thus far I’ve gotten to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Fisherman’s Warf, Chinatown, the famous California Cable Car Line and Alamo Square. I literally felt like I was in an episode of That’s So Raven or  Full House (if you know me well, that is my favourite late 80’s/90’s tv show). The entire thing was very picturesque and I hope to come back here very soon!

lobster sammy.jpg
Lobster sandwiches from the Fisherman’s Warf!

Alamo Square
The ‘Painted Ladies’ of Alamo Square- the park from the Full House theme song!

Next Stop: San Diego

Take Care & Keep Smiling ❤

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the bay and bridge.jpg


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