10 Things That Make Me HAPPY

This is the time of year where everyone is stressed and school is kicking us all in the butt. This being said, there are a tonne of things that make me happy. It’s the little things that count right? No matter what, keep your head up. Things will be okay, I promise.
[A lil disclaimer, these are things that make me happy, these might not necessarily apply to everyone]

  1. Finding New Music that I Like.  I love exploring the different genres and when people recommend artists to me! I love anything from Taylor Swift to Beyoncé and all that lies in-between. What’s your favourite song at the moment?
  2. Dogs. All animals have a special place in my heart but puppies are more than welcome in my life.BellaPeggy Sue.jpg
    I spent my February Reading Week looking after these two for my Aunt and Uncle. The one that’s lying down is Bella and Peggy Sue is the yorkie. (No I did not feed them any chocolate).
  3. Helping People. I love helping people and seeing other people help people. Volunteer my darlings, it’s rewarding in more ways than I can stress to you.
  4. Seeing Friends After Not Seeing Them for a Long Time. Don’t you just love that reunited feeling? It’s like you know you haven’t seen each other or talked in a while but nothing has changed and time stops when you’re together.Carter and ICaitlin and IThese are my best friends Carter and Caitlin. It’s weird because sometimes we’ll see each other really consistently for a few days and then not see each other for a month or two. And yes, these pictures are literally straight from my phone.
  5. Getting a Good Grade on Something I Didn’t Think I’d Do Well On. This right here is magic.
  6. Makeup. I don’t know about you, but I LOVE makeup. Not even just wearing it myself, but I love looking at instagram accounts that feature ways of applying product. Its addictive.
  7. Well Dressed Men. I mean, what can I say? It’s just nice, ya know? Nice to see.
    Chuck Bass

    Please enjoy this photo of Chuck Bass and a dog (see #2).

  8. Smiling Strangers. People are so busy these days, caught up in their own lives and heavily stressed. It’s completely heart-warming when I’m walking to class or something and someone smiles at me as we cross paths.
  9. The First Bite of My Food. Especially after forgetting to eat (oops), this is literally a Godly experience that I’m sure other people have too. I’m currently obsessed with sushi, fries, and fruit.Sushi.jpg
  10. Putting on Pyjamas at the End of a Long Day. I’m so lazy honestly. I love getting work done because that in itself is completely satisfying BUT the aftermath of that, the warm shower, the pyjamas and the Netflix? That’s where it’s at.

    Whatever you’re going through right now, trust me I know that things may seem impossible at the moment. You might have a million things to do and no motivation. Family life might not always be the best thing. School as I mentioned before, might be kicking your butt. There might be some friend drama. Whatever it is, I promise you can get through it! When life’s looking down, look for the little things. I promise it’ll get better. I hope that you found at least one thing on this list relatable and that maybe you might even think to write your own. Thing’s will be okay my darling.

Take Care and Keep Smiling ❤

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