A “Sweet” Little Treasure

This one’s for my locals.

This here is a lil’ something new that I’m trying to get into. Essentially, I want to adventure more and get out of my comfort zone. I’ve lived near or in Toronto for my whole life and I still feel like there is so much to see! I am such a fan of specialty shops and local gems. I love them. Explore your neighbourhood folks, you never know whats around you. 

top candy.jpg
Candy from Papabubble Toronto, and gorgeous brush lettering done by my friend Melany!

Recently, a friend and I spontaneously decided to get on the subway and just explore a random area in Toronto. Located on 3360 Yonge Street, we found Papabubble- the cutest customized candy store I’ve ever seen! Their first store opened in Barcelona (2004) and since then they have expanded to over 40 stores worldwide from Istanbul to Sao Paulo!

on the shelf

Let me be the first to say this candy tastes AMAZING. My friend and I couldn’t describe it, but there was something about the taste of it that reminded us both of our childhood. They have both sweet and sour candy. And get this- their sour candy stays sour, it’s not just sour on the outside. I found that super impressive [lol].

Did I mention that they make the candy in store?  With five main ingredients, (sugar, glucose, water, citric acid, and colouring), the candy is preservative free! From bite-sized candy, to lollipops and candy flowers, they have it all! In store there are a bunch of cute and vibrant designs for you to pick from. Papabubble also gives you the option to customize your candy. Yep, that’s right! You can design and order your own candy which is super cute for various occasions, gifts, and work-related things.

making candy.jpg

Honestly I was just super impressed with their awesome costumer service and passion for what they do. It was such a cool experience to find this store. Move aside gummy bears, I have a new favourite candy!



I’m hoping to show you guys some more cute and authentic Toronto shops as I explore my city! I encourage you to go out and find treasures of your community as well! And, to my other Torontonians: if you have any places you think I should check out, please leave a comment below!

[In Inspiration from all this candy] Song of the Week: Sugar Sugar by The Archies

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Take Care and Keep Smiling! ❤



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