My Roaring 20’s


Oh God… I am officially 20 years old.

It’s funny how birthdays work really, it’s like you start off so excited, so ready. I still remember being at an age where kids around me would say proudly, “I’m not 8, I’m 8 and a half“. Because the half really mattered. And I guess like all things, there comes a time when that stuff stops mattering.  I mean, when was the last time you saw someone declare in their office, “I’m 37 and a half“??

My teens ended up being exactly what they needed to be. I kicked it off at 13 by going to my first concert- which evidently was Justin Bieber, no judgement- and thus began my stages of awkward fangirling all over the place. I was a big JB (Justin Bieber AND Jonas Brother’s) fan, but also an avid One Direction, Taylor Swift, and Beyoncé fan. I did things like mission trips with my high school to the Dominican Republic to build a house. I toured with the choirs I sang with to places like Latvia to represent Canada in international choral competitions. The friends I made in my teens were some of the most crazy and amazing people; we went through everything together. The ones who stayed along for the ride have become sisters to me. We all went to prom together. And boys. For the love of God, I did not know how to talk to boys nor did they pay attention to me, yet I had way too many school girl crushes. And despite this, I even did the boyfriend thing for a little while. All of this and more have entirely shaped who I am today and wherever I’ll go in the future…

I’ve grown into the habit of making vision boards at that start of every year. Kind of a little inspiration to kick it off. This was mine for 2016.

Last night, a bunch of my friends and I went to one of my favourite Italian restaurants
downtown Toronto. -Friends from university, friends from high school, friends from my childhood- We talked and laughed and everything felt special. AND because my friends are the cutest people in the world they actually wrote me letters! (IF YOU DON’T REMEMBER, I LOVE LETTERS). One of my best friends even made me a cake at my request with 90’s themed blue frosting and confetti on the inside. And another one of my best friends sent me flowers all the way from Ottawa! My friends are literally the cutest people ever.


Big thanks to these girls for keeping my head on my shoulders- Sawyer, Caitlin and Carter, love you lots < 3


I could write a bunch of words about how I’m opening a new chapter in my life and how this is a new time or something. Honestly I don’t really know what to say. I’ve never really stuck exactly to the plan of what everyone else was doing so I don’t know what will come. Generally I feel like this is the decade where I’m socially expected to move out, get married and have kids or something. I don’t really know how I feel about any of that. All I know is that I want my 20’s to be fun, adventurous, epic, and in some light roaring.


Take Care and Keep Smiling ❤



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