Who Am I?

I really hope this isn’t the most boring five minutes of your life.

My name is Julia and I’m 19 years old. I have wanted to start a blog forever and ever and I guess it’s finally here. This blog will serve as an outlet for me, but also as a window for you. I guess what I am saying is that I am about to willingly subject myself to being a fish in a fishbowl. The walls of a blog often resemble glass.

I do not want my blog to appear this way though. Instead, I want these posts to feel like open letters. Letter writing or the process of receiving mail is so moment-capturing and I think it’s sweet when someone takes time for that.

Oh man… A little about me. Here we go:


I adore the idea of love. Yes I am one of those people who find the hope of love in everything. I am most definitely your stereotypical hopeless romantic and I say that without shame. There is an Australian writer called Beau Taplin and his pieces are almost  at times too real to me. They capture every aspect of what it is to be a human; from falling in love to falling out of love and every possible capacity of what lies in-between. I encourage you to find his pieces and read them during the morning with your coffee or through the course of your day.

But people are oceans. she shrugged. You cannot know them by their surface

-Beau Taplin // S u r f a c e s

I think it’s safe to say that I was the biggest wallflower, probably until I came to university. Even as I am here and experiencing an abundance of new things, I don’t think I’ve quite finished growing but then again when do we really stop? Life is this big evolution of finding ourselves; I think that it doesn’t matter if you’re 16 or 73, you can most definitely still grow as a person.

Helping people is one of my biggest passions. (I don’t know if I’m any good at it, thats another thing in itself.) I went on a mission trip in high school and since then I can’t stop thinking about the idea of doing another one. I am also very passionate about helping people locally. No matter what the situation is, I will always be willing to help until I am given a reason not to. (But I’m stubborn so I probably will anyways).

I love music and I think that it’s really a human experience because it connects us in our thoughts and feelings. We sometimes forget how similar we really are. For years and years I sung in choirs and at some point in time singing was everything; it was who I was. I’m not saying that I possess any musical talent anymore, but that it is a part of my life that’s always been there and in that sense I hope that never changes.

I am obsessed with makeup and fashion; the process of getting ready is probably my favourite part of having plans or going somewhere. I love all animals – yes I’m the girl who coos at dogs going for walks with their owners- I especially love elephants and of course, dogs. I love tattoos though I presently have none. I am definitely an old lady- I go to bed at 9:30pm. I love tea, like David can marry me. I also live at Starbucks. I love board games. One day I want to travel the world!

My parents are some of my most favourite people. I guess now that I’m older, parental rules and regulations have definitely toned themselves down; my parents are absolutely hilarious people and I hope that they always stay that way. Family is very important, but I wouldn’t be anywhere without my friends. In some ways, at university, your friends become your family and the relationships you build are those that (you hope) will last a lifetime. My friends are just as much everything as my family.


And yep here I am, that’s a bit about me. Feel free to read on to the about page for more on the blog itself, and what it will be about.

Take care, and keep smiling!

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